Can you download files on a hotspot

Can you download files on a hotspot

can you download files on a hotspot

Downloads are one of the primary goals of content access - and they can slow down at the most inconvenient of times. Here's how to speed them up. If you know where the free WiFi hotspots are located in the area or an establishment, you can simply use it to extend the connection to multiple. You can also prevent large files and applications from downloading until your device is connected to a Wi-Fi signal. 1. Tap the "Settings" icon on the Home screen.

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Share files between iPhone and iPad over Wi-Fi or hotspot

The FileExplorer app for iOS provides us a convenient way to view, manage, edit, files on iPhone and iPad, and even share files between iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, NAS, cloud storage, WebDAV server, FTP server. In an earlier guide, we discussed how you can turn iPhone into a FTP server, then transfer files between iPhone and computer through FTP.

In this guide guide, we will show you how to copy files between iPhone and iPad, between two iPhones or iPads over Wi-Fi or hotspot. A lot of files are supported, such as photos, videos, music, PDF, Office documents, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TXT, HTML, etc.

Step 1. Connect iPhone and iPad over Wi-Fi or hotspot

Make sure to connect both iOS devices to the same Wi-Fi network, or enable hotspot on one iOS device and connect the other device to it via Wi-Fi tethering. Check out this tutorial to share your internet connection on iPhone via hotspot. You can learn how to connect iOS devices via hotspot. Since the file transfer occurs between your local devices, it will not use your cellular data or bandwidth. Thus the wireless file transfer over hotspot connection is FREE.

Step 2. Transfer files between iPhone and iPad wirelessly

If you do not have it already, get the file transfer app on your iPhone and iPad. Run it on your iPhone or iPad, you will see its home screen like this.

Tap Nearby iOS Devices, you will find all iOS devices that are nearby and with the file explorer and transfer app installed. If you can’t find the Nearby iOS Devices entry on the home screen, touch the Settings icon at the bottom to enable this feature.

Select an iPhone or iPad to connect. On the other iOS device, you will get a connection request. Allow the connection on one iPhone or iPad, the other iPhone or iPad can then access all your files and documents saved in the Local category in the file explorer app.

You can then access and manage the files saved on the other iOS device just like your local files and documents on the current iPhone or iPad. You can rename files saved on other iPhone or iPad, duplicate files, favorite files, send the files through email, download files from nearby iPhone or iPad to your iPhone or iPad, export files from one iPhone or iPad to another, open files saved on other iOS device using an app on your iPhone or iPad, you can even delete files and documents from other iPhone or iPad.

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can you download files on a hotspot

Can you download files on a hotspot

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