Download older version sql server

Download older version sql server

download older version sql server

Currently I use SSMS 17, however Gearhost, the website I am trying to deploy my database to, currently only use SQL Server version 13, which I. So I downloaded and used the newest version, which I believe is Now they want to migrate this database to their server at work, which is running SQL. How to get online and offline documentation for previous versions of SQL Server, including , , , and

Download older version sql server - can look

Previous Version


Key Metric Software makes the previous major version of SQL Backup Master available for download as a courtesy to our customers. However, we strongly encourage our customers to upgrade to the current major version, which offers:

  • Access to the latest product features and functions (see what's new)
  • Support for the latest Microsoft operating systems
  • Minor releases for the current major version at no additional cost
  • Renewed technical support coverage

What's more, you can upgrade to the current version of SQL Backup Master at a huge discount (compared to new license pricing). To get an upgrade price, just enter your existing version license key on our upgrade page. Upgrading is quick, easy, and immediate.

Please note that we currently do not offer downloads for SQL Backup Master releases older than the previous major version.

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Download older version sql server

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